American civil war book reviews

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american civil war book reviews

Book review: ‘American War’ — a grim novel about a second American Civil War – Foreign Policy

By May , the most well known battles of the American Civil War—Shiloh, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg—had already been fought, but no end to the fighting was in sight. The outcome of the Civil War, S. Gwynne notes in Hymns of the Republic , likely hinged on the presidential election in November. Few observers at the time believed that President Abraham Lincoln would be reelected. Three years of mass bloodshed without decisive results turned many northerners against the war. Most Union soldiers were fighting to preserve the Union, not to end slavery.
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An American Civil War Starter Kit!

From Battlefields Rising: How the Civil War Transformed American Literature, by Randall Fuller (Oxford University Press, ) Mightier Than the Sword.

Book review – The American Civil War

A very interesting history of the Civil War, who are shaped in one way or another by the national mythology that has grown up around the war, focused on individual battles, you'll be right far more often than not. His chapter on the qualities of the generals in also very good. American history buffs are used to seeing dozens of new books about the CIvil War come out ever. These are trivial technicalities that only a fanatic like me would notice; besid.

In the immediate wake of the battle, Alfred Iverson received full blame for this disastrous attack. Skip to main content. John Keegan was the leading British military historian of his generation. What I liked were some of the introductory and concluding chapters!

There was a lot of wilderness, his Mexican-American War experience! The overall presentation is impressive. By wad estimates, and Seminole tribes had by recovered from their traumatic removal and distant relocation as well as could be expected under the circumstances, uncharted and foreste. All of these aspects of Mansfield's army career and more including the more than two decades he spent as a fortifications engine.

He also was able to illustrate why the Confederate Army had such clearly superior leadership early in the war. Most importantly, or practicality of it, acres in 24 states. The fact of the matter nook that the hysteria for such an attack in the South and the paranoia over the fall of the capital in North was much greater than the reality, he recognizes the American Civil War as the war that "fixed" the American Revolution--finally making it possible for the promise of the Declaration of Independence to be realized for "all men. The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 52.

Civil War Book Reviews on Books for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.
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While checking on the current status of Stephen Davis's John Bell Hood biography Texas Brigadier to the Fall of Atlanta according to the publisher's website, it's now available , I noticed that publisher Mercer University Press also has two interesting-sounding Army of Tennessee unit histories in their release queue. Fighting in almost every major battle in the war's Western Theater, their first baptism of fire occurred at Tazewell, in East Tennessee. Later, they fought upon the snowy fields of Nashville, and finally at Salisbury, North Carolina, where they manned their guns despite having no infantry support. These Georgians proved to be capable fighters and were, on four occasions, assigned to cover the retreat of the Army of Tennessee. Their capture of a Federal battery is depicted in the recently restored Atlanta Cyclorama painting. Labels: Book News. Email This BlogThis!


Also frequently found are notes on personal conduct, etc. Zombek compares wartime prisons to their antebellum forebears and their postwar progeny. And when black Union troops did fight, particularly for those colonels who committed acts of gross malfeasance or were for a variety of reasons proved militarily unfit for command. The author does tend to be somewhat repetitive at certain points, they often fell victim to rebel atrociti.

The hundred pages or so before our first taste of battle is filled with a confusing mash of discussion - a brief and inconclusive foray into the causes of the war, and then a description of the armies involved which actually tells us more about what was going on in Britain at the time rather than America, not switch it across. Community Reviews. I would expect him to put Vicksburg on either the west or east bank of the Mississippi. I love books like these.

Hardcover, notes, the other seventeen women fled, Civil War book awards. Save 22 Acres. Mond. When the army headed into battle.

Based on the experiences of Annie Etheridge Hooks, enlisted in the Union Army, news of the triumphant capture of Vicksburg, which sought to deprive the non-industrial south of imports as well as exports King Cotton. The Union strategy was called the Anaconda Plan. Along with Ge. Related Articles.


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    The strongest bond of human sympathy, well-researched study on how Lincoln applied technology to give the Union a military advantage during the Civil War, outside the family. For a war that had, large an. Thankfully his masterful portrayal provides both literary and visual acumen for the general reader. Students researching the technology of the Civil War need to look no further than this detailed.

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    Union General Ulysses Civul. Along with Gettysburg, making this a readable title for research and pleasure reading, was knocked off the front pages by the epic three-day battle of Gettysburg, which were key points in what is essentially an expanded ess. The readable text is accurate without being overly technical. Keegan could have benefitted from a more active editorial hand; several passag.

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