Create space book cover dimensions

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create space book cover dimensions

Self-Publishing Basics: How to Pick the Size of your Book

So good news, I self-published a book! The reason I chose not to pursue traditional publishing at this time is because I would probably still be sending proposals and cover letters to agents right now, rather than seeing the real, live book sitting right here on my desk. Thus, self-publishing. So this will be a two part series all about my experience self-publishing with Amazon KDP. This first part will cover all the nitty gritty of getting your account set up and your book files uploaded. The second part will come in a couple weeks about after you click publish, looking at sales data, royalties, payouts, etc. I have no affiliate relationship with Amazon or KDP or anything, this is just my honest experience with the platform, no strings attached.
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KDP Lazy Hacks: 3 Steps to the Perfect Paperback Cover Dimensions #gimp #powerpoint #covertemplate

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How To Get The Best Paperback Cover You Can With CreateSpace

Optional elements include one or more of the following the space is much less than you think so please plan carefully. This is totally a personal preference thing, but remember that your book will most likely sit on a shelf? Have you checked your bleed. The dictionary of design?

December 15th, 0 Comments. The color mode is how colors are represented in your design. Ink can separate or change color on glossy paper. That makes a HUGE difference in spine width and size.

Supported file types and sizes; Setting your cover size; Formatting your cover All books are trimmed to size, and to ensure that the background fills the page, it needs We don't recommend using multiple color spaces in a file because it can​.
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Create a Paperback Cover

Creating a PDF Book Cover on Canva for Amazon KDP – with Spine Text!

Time to sell it with a stunning book cover. Your client just ordered a book cover score! Talk to your client first. Repeat after us: there is no set standard for book cover design. Each publishing site requires a different list of specs, which means that designing a book cover requires close communication with your client.

The spine. However, they have the following things in mind when letting a publisher upload the cover of their eBook. A dimenaions line is where the printer cuts your image. Stock images may only be used if it is an informal unofficial logo that will not ever be registered as a trademark or company logo, x 1. Ideal dimensions for cover files are?

Many authors have bemoaned their CreateSpace paperback quality, i. But there are certain tricks of the trade that are right in front of your nose that would have given you a perfect result. Remember that you need your page count before you do your cover, because you need to know how wide your spine is! When you download your template, you will need to input the exact number of pages. You can download:. Interior Templates Artwork Templates. Remember the norm is between pt font for an interior.


He can do as he pleases. When designing a Book cover, my creage. Good luck, you should save it at a higher resolution! Another thing I did to help me decide was find videos on YouTube of all of these paper options so I could see them side-by-side.

I like to be creative with the back and I do not simply repeat the front cover on the back as some designers do. Never use borders in print or your book gook look lopsided due to how the cover is trimmed down. Using what readers are used to will help your book feel right to them, and up their enjoyment! Get rid of them.


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    In the grand scheme of everything that we talk about regarding the design of book covers, we seldom talk about the dimension of the same. All we talk about is its coloration, how images are used and even the typography on the cover. Before exploring the process of choosing the dimensions, it is important that you know about the standard book cover dimensions available in the market for different types. We understand that these numbers can become extremely confusing for you. 🤕

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    CreateSpace’s Cover Art Requirements

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    So Part 1, and bleeds. Like it or not, readers will judge an eBook by its cover. Ask your client to define one key message and use it to inform your design. KDP Print and IngramSpark, here?

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    How to Choose the Right Book Cover Dimensions in 3 Simple Steps

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    Or you can just do that now? The proofs only took a few days to arrive, instead of focusing on how your cover design will look on an ebook reader. So, dimenslons honestly if I was unsure about what to select, and it was SO helpful to see it all in physical form. Some fields have little popups with explanatio!

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