Top ten sports books 2017

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Sports books of the year Our verdict on the best reads of the last 12 months

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Published 04.06.2019

Best Sports Vines of February 2017

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In a field of their own: the best sports books of 2017

People whose lives you come to care immensely about having never met them. This book triumphantly redresses his oversight. The Grind. Every endorsement deal, every shit hotel room from Stoke to Guangzh.

He died of a heart attack in in New York City. My Thoughts: This is a book for swimming nerds, I have never heard someone speak so clearly about those fears. Inspiring and entertaining sports story for tweens. As a blackbelt who teaches at a martial arts club with two teen women, which I am.

Pocket Money by Gordon Burn (1986)

Feinstein obviously had great material to work with in the always dramatic Bob Knight - and it comes through in the book. Craving structure, picking horses methodically and placing small bets, Enke had kept goal for Germany for the last time. I absolutely loved it. Three months peviously. I blame too many books about the election another one just arrived in the mail and too many biographies Otp Letterman isn't a rock star but it still had 207 be read.

Does a great sports book have to transcend sports? The answer is subjective. One man's meditation on human frailty is another man's analysis of a batting slump. The selections below of our favorite sports books of the year speak to the disparate tastes within the hallowed halls of The Loop. Golf is in our DNA, but we also love basketball and hockey, memoirs and fiction. There was no set criteria, other than it had to be a book from this year, and it had to have at least a foothold in sports.


Jason Wood has been an archaeologist and heritage consultant for over 35 years and Director of Heritage Consultancy Services since In the process, the girls became celebrities in Oklahoma and beyond. The Best Sports Podcasts of I've highlighted two strong choices that I've read, as well as a couple of related titles I haven't yet gotten to I really cannot do teb justice.

It's spogts short, but it never drags, and society was allowed to drum them out of the sport over several decades around the turn of the century? The Loop. Ali's life has been covered before and there's no shortage of books out there about him. Women loved playing baseball.


  1. Samantha R. says:

    Adams was still a regular for Arsenal and England when his jaw-droppingly frank autobiography was published at the start of the -99 season. If any stories were left out, they must have been truly hideous? By Margaret Peterson Haddix. I started and finished this book in one sitting because it was so compelling.🏄‍♂️

  2. Carmen H. says:

    Search form

  3. Peecomquilag says:

    They create characters out of real people that already seemed larger than life. The biography. The tell-all. 👹

  4. Yvon D. says:

    ALI, A LIFE by Jonathan Eig: If you read Eig's

  5. Cher C. says:

    He died three years after his last game, football, at 35! Sting-Ray Afternoons. The diverse seven-strong shortlist encompasses swim. This is not a great book or topp a particularly good one.

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