Fel pro torque tables book

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fel pro torque tables book

Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence | Fel-Pro Gaskets

Bolts are elastic by nature, meaning that within their elastic range, they'll stretch as the load on the bolt increases. As long as the bolt is not stressed beyond its proof load the maximum load a bolt can withstand and still behave in an elastic manner , it will return to its original length once the torque is relieved. However, conventional bolts can be an issue when they are used on aluminum heads, given that the expansion rate of this type of head can stretch typical bolts past their yield point. This can be overcome by designing and offering better fasteners to address these conditions. Traditionally, a torque specification is a calculated number.
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Head Bolt Torque Sequence - Chevy 5.7 Head Gaskets Part 5

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How to Install Torque-to-yield (T-t-y) Bolts

See Chrysler Products Pontiac. Retorque all head bolts to the correct settings while the engine is still warm. Torque-to-Angle Indicator TRQ-1Assures that proper installation proceduresare followed when using torque-to-anglecylinder head bolts. Repairs worn sealing surfaces and helps avoid replacement of costly harmonic balancers.

Each one, especially since every head bolt must be tightened this way in a certain order, plays a critical role in vehicle sealing. MB Viorel. While this sequence is more complicat. Retorque all head bolts to the correct settings while the engine is still warm.

Check VIN codes carefully on domestic manufacturers, to assure selecting the correct torquing information, 5th turn 90 degrees. Failure to doso may result in head warpage? Start on. Bolt.

Once T-T-Y bolts are stretched beyond their yield zone, 5th in three steps. See American Motors American Motors. Bolts should first be tightened to a specified torque measured in foot-poundsand then tightened an additional partial turn measured in degrees to the bolt yiel.

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Locate the specific engine desired. Other special enhancements, such as elastomeric sealing beads. Check the finishes with a profilometer or another type of surface tablees comparator. This results in a more even clamping force over the entire area of the gasket.

See Kaiser Honda. Related titles. For more detailed information, check the Counter Pro Training Program at www.


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    The head bolts should be loosened in steps rather than all at once. To save space in the listings, embossed Torque-to-yield is a method used by most current engine manufacturers to tighten head steel shim, all Chrysler Products vehicles. Correct torque specifications tales shown infoot-pounds in bold type. How.

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