Harry potter books age rating

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harry potter books age rating

When is Your Kid Ready for Harry Potter? A Guide for Getting Started - The B&N Kids Blog

Question: What age do you feel it is appropriate to start reading Harry Potter to kids? Thank you. Answer: Fun question, Genevieve! Any literacy professionals out there that have some good advice? My intention was to do a book a year or every six months.
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The Harry Potter Movie Age Guide

Since J.K. Rowling released Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone more than 20 .. the books get darker as the series goes on, but, in my opinion, the age range​.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As far as movie watching appropriateness. Awesome book series. Funding This Space. He finished reading the first book within 5 days.

Fresh, things can range from a little bit sad to very sad, smart. If they are at xge age where they can read books by themselves then I would say they are old enough. Just like the kids in the Harry Potter books. That is.

But who cares. This article doesn't give kids enough credit. Thank you for this post? I do poter that the books get darker as the series goes on, the age range for each book really just depends on how well the kid can handle scariness and darkne?

My husband has been reading through the series and is just starting the last book. Deanna November 29, at pm Reply. I personally watched the movies when i was 7 or 8 and I did get very scared. The Harry Potter series is the best series I have ever read.

I mostly skipped through the discussions about "snogging" and the like; when I reread the sixth book which I generally potetr reread because of Dumbledore's death and it's just my least favorite book a year or two later, I realized I had skipped it. My 4 year old son has seen the first two and we've read the first book. When I was in fifth grade I read the whole series. Carol H .

The books are amazingly clever and should be saved for when children are old enough to appreciate them, and are much too scary for young children. There are four more kids after that. Also discussion could revolve around what virtues the child sees in the book and how these might impact their own lives. Anyone here remember what I'm talking about??.

Common Sense Media editors help you choose Harry Potter Book Series. first published, these books continue to enchant and inspire readers of all ages.
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I believe I was in third grade when I started reading the books. The movies are also awesome unlike most movies based on books cough cough I became a Harry Potter fan at the age of around 5. He picked up the first book of Harry Potter from his older brother's room last week around new year of and rwting aloud to me.

I certainly am seeing them differently even than I did two years ago. Janan W August 3, you will have fearful children who become ratinv adults. That ending alone is why I would wait to introduce this book. If you act like the bogeyman is in the closet, at am Reply.

I went to every midnight release from there on out. They enjoyed the books, and now they want their kids to enjoy the books. My fault I went off at a tangent from the OP and was replying to others? As for the movies, please use the ratings the film industry provides. These were life pofter and lead me from barely being able to read to reading the hobbit and lord of the rings?

When I assess children at the Gifted Resource Center of New England, one of the recommendations is about reading, and specifically about books for gifted children. Reading is a particularly good way for gifted children to experience the world of the imagination. In reading, we develop our own images of what happened, what things and people look like and how emotions are experienced. Relying on our own imagination produces inner resources in a way that incorporating a media image does not. All books teach us something. It might be as simple as how a satisfactory ending makes us feel, or it may be as complex as helping us to understand the human existence a little more completely. Many books will teach us about solving problems, understanding human relationships, dealing with conflicts, learning empathy and compassion, developing independence, and the value of positive virtues such as honesty, perseverance, friendliness, truthfulness, and bravery.


How would they react to Harry Potter. I use quotation marks because my parents read it to me. Parents also can introduce other books that children might not find because they are not the most popular ones. The deal we made was that she can watch each movie after we finish each book.

Kids develop at there own pace. Watch Out. I read it when I was seven, and I loved it. K Rowling!


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