Adrian mckinty order of books

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adrian mckinty order of books

Adrian McKinty - Book Series In Order

A mural in Dean Park, Carrickfergus, depicts Eddie, the fictional character on Iron Maiden albums, as a loyalist paramilitary. It has taken some time, but the rest of the world is finally getting wise to what many of us have long understood: Adrian McKinty is one of the most intelligent, daring and stylish crime writers currently at work. His breakthrough books have been the Sean Duffy thrillers. Set during the Troubles, the Duffy series could be construed as historical fiction. Certainly, McKinty has a deft touch with period detail and there are walk-on parts for big-name historical figures — both Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Savile have cameos in Rain Dogs. In Rain Dogs, powerful men abuse the vulnerable with the connivance of shifty underlings.
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Book Review - The Chain by Adrian McKinty

Troubles fiction too urgent and topical to be historical

But I went. Brought to Book. Mon-Fri Pacific. According to research, a writer who travels and sees the world is has a better chance of succeeding compared to that that does not travel.

Brought to Book. The Lighthouse Land. Adrian McKinty. And because McKinty hangs on to his wit and literacy even under duress.

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Complete order of Adrian McKinty books in Publication Order and Chronological Order.
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Publication Order of Lighthouse Trilogy Books

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It's not often that a taut and tense thriller that has been sold for publication to 36 countries and for a screen adaptation to Paramount Pictures in a deal that could net its author a seven-figure sum has its origins in Aristotelian moral philosophy. But then there aren't many books like crime writer Adrian Mckinty's new novel, The Chain. Adrian McKinty's life is likely to be changed with the publication of The Chain. Credit: Joe Armao. It's very different from his six Sean Duffy novels, about a Catholic detective serving with the Royal Ulster Constabulary during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, from his three Michael Forsythe novels about a Belfast man negotiating the New York underworld, his Lighthouse trilogy of sci-fi books for young adults, and certainly from his historical crime novel, The Sun is God , set on a south Pacific island where a group of Europeans worship the sun and eat only coconuts. The Chain is one of those books that grips you from the off and keeps you in its compelling grasp until, almost breathless, you emerge at the other end. The premise appears simple.


McKinty has the last laugh at the makeshift work that drove him around the bend, as a loyalist paramilitary. Rachel, when a character talks about how efficient The Chain was designed to be, a divorced mother suffering a recurrence of cancer. A mural in Dean Park, The Chain is out t. Tuesd.

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