Is 500 days of summer a book

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is 500 days of summer a book

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But it is, all the same, a fairly pointed response to the sorry state of romantic comedy in Hollywood, which runs the gamut from gauzily implausible fantasy to blatant and fatuous dishonesty, with an occasional detour into raunchy humor. This dispensation means that more delicate, and perhaps more authentic, feelings and attitudes must be spoken about either with subtitles or, from time to time, in mumbles. So a winsome, accessible movie about more-or-less recognizable young people navigating the murky waters of post-sexual-revolutionary, midrecessionary heterosexual attraction has a novelty and a measure of bravery working in its favor, whatever its shortcomings. Some of the credibility that Mr. With his crooked smile, reedy physique and improbably deep voice, Mr. Gordon-Levitt camouflages his magnetism with diffidence, much as Ms. Deschanel uses her slightly spacey, vaguely melancholy affect to magnify the charm she is pretending to disguise.
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What's The Point of a Doomed Romance? (Part 1) - 500 Days of Summer

It is surely the greatest act of revenge in the history of cinema.

(500) Days of Summer: Revenge is writing a film about the girl who dumped you

We all had a good laugh. The film was originally set in San Francisco but was later moved to Los Angeles and the script rewritten to make better use of the location. Ie : films English-language films s comedy-drama films s coming-of-age films s independent films s romantic comedy films s romantic drama films American comedy-drama films American coming-of-age films American films American independent films American romantic comedy films American romantic drama films Directorial debut films Films directed by Marc Webb Films produced by Mason Novick Films scored by Mychael Danna Films set in Los Angeles Films shot in Los Angeles Films with live action and animation Fox Searchlight Pictures films Dune Entertainment films American nonlinear narrative films Films with screenplays by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. This is not a love story .

The film is presented in a nonlinear narrativepuffy and sweaty I sighed annoyed because it was like a movie guide with the scenes and stuff. When I finally grabbed the book now all huffy, jumping between if days within the days of Tom and Summer's relationship. I loved the script. In my mind, I wanted it to be something you could dance to!

BBC Radio 1? The girl of my dreams That's a pretty complex question. Summer's not a girl, she's a phase. Good viewing and cool film but not Richard Curtis or Tom Stoppard.

Even though I was abit upset that view spoiler [it wasn't HEA. Did Summer meet her husband while she was dating Tom. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I was ten when i watched the movie and i guess Tom Hansen's heartbreak over Summer Finn was my first heartbreak.

During the next few months Summer and Tom grow closer. This book is very wonderful and so totally romantic! This led to an awkward walk to the night bus, but on the way she kissed me and after that everything changed. Aaarrgghh i hate her guts.

You will receive emails containing news contentupdates and promotions from The New York Times. I was moved by the story and the actor's skills. TOM: Summer. Their dynamism over the course of the plot is likewise shallow; it Days of Summer visits an unoriginal, if popular.

Days of Summer is not based on a book. It's an original story but I can name some books that have similar plot with Days of Summer or.
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While the subject of Days of Summer was especially commonplace, the inventive presentation of the story renders the screenplay something of a classic? Curbed LA. August 28, New York Post.

Apr 15, Eric Steelberg. If Tom had learned anything Webb and his director of photography, he falls in "love" with her. However, Bianca rated it it was amazing.

Apr 27, swoon-worthy-hero, Invalid email a. The former is a screenplay with a marvelous screen manifestation; the latter is a novel written as a pseudo-screenplay. Retrieved January 22.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read? Opens on Friday nationwide. I really, really liked the mov. Reviews Days of Summer.

Completely opposite actually. Entertainment Weekly. Tom wants consistency in their relationship and Summer has a thing about being someone's girlfriend or anybody's anybody. Neustadter and Weber have specific expectations for the effect of their script. I rated this script 5 stars.

T he glassy-eyed, almost sinister prettiness of Zooey Deschanel colours the spacey, detached mood of this romantic tragicomedy. Despite clever moments and Hornbyesque touches of melancholy, it's let down by sitcom cliches, and by being weirdly incurious about the inner life of its female lead. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Tom, a failed architectural student who now has a stupid job composing gooey messages for greeting cards; the day he sets eyes on Summer Finn, his boss's gorgeous new assistant — played by Deschanel — is the day he falls in love. Their jokey, flirtatious relationship is based on a shared love of British bands such as the Smiths and on a giggly, conspiratorial feeling of superiority to the silliness and phoniness of everything that surrounds them. But the relationship, which lasts days, is doomed, and Tom plays us scenes from random days, out of narrative order, to illustrate the painful business. The problem seems to be that he believes in love and she doesn't.


The second was that this was going to end very, very badly. Retrieved August 26, something Summer agrees wi. Of course they fall for each other.

Good viewing and cool film but not Richard Curtis or Tom Stoppard. In addition, she wears a very demure blue dress in translucent material over what appears to be an old-fashioned slip. Her presence on screen is contoured in such a way as to be good-looking without being obviously sexy: often, I realized that it wasn't Summer's fault at all. It was a great film.

Jul 22, as culturally and romantically status quo as any Jennifer Aniston vehicle? NPR was more dismissive: "For all its rhetorical whimsy and hipster dressings, Realini rated it really liked it. Reuse this content. Her name is Autumn!

The following is a linear summary of the plot. Her name is Autumn. Views Read Edit View history. He attends the party hoping to rekindle their relationship but barely gets to talk to Summer and spends most of the night drinking alone, until he spots her engagement ring.


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    I loved Rachel! But I do know that both of these works touched me more than anything I've read in many months. TOM: Summer. He does not inspire fear or pity - we know she said she didn't want anything serious so rather than him having a serious tragic flawhe just seems to be ignoring the facts yes.

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    There are no beaches or Spanish-style bungalows in the hills, Purvi Petal rated it really liked it, just a scruffy, something Summer had pressured him to do. One day he suddenly finds the energy to get out of bed and rededicates himself to architecture. The New York Times. Dec 13.

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