Poetry books online for kids

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poetry books online for kids

11 Must-Have Children's Poetry Books for Your Home: National Poetry Month - Tech Savvy Homeschool

There were some that I loved but mostly my memories of poetry were things like learning the difference between a haiku and a limerick, or having to read in front of the class. Not extremely fun. And through them I have really learnt to enjoy it too! My kids love poetry teatime! We went to a homeschool event once, which they really enjoyed, and then they wanted to do the same at home.
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Me reading: "I'm Glad I'm Me- Poems About You" by Jack Prelutsky

I have tried to include poetry on a weekly if not daily basis in our home.

Poetry Books for Kids

Of course, there are hundreds of wonderful poets you could introduce your children to and I hope you will. I love to read it myself. Both beautiful boks that are also loved but I thought I might be overdoing it on the nature poetry, ha. Nobody knows.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I like that it gives a snippet of info about each bug too. I remember reading the poems in here myself as a child.

Favorite Children’s Poets

With its regular rhythm, wordplay and often creative rhyme scheme, poetry understandably captures the interest of children, probably better than its prosaic peers in many instances. Some likely learned how to read with simple, memorable bits of verse, which laid the foundation for life's most fundamental skill. Parents and educators alike hoping to nurture a love of the written word and learning in their youthful charges may wish to do using the following books. No matter a child's preferences, he or she will almost certainly find something appealing in one of the selections. Eliot: Meet some delightfully eccentric, rambunctious felines and enjoy Edward Gorey's equally whimsical illustrations in this fun and feisty classic. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein: The truly gifted Shel Silverstein produced some excellent poems, songs and drawings for different audiences, but his offerings to children remain some of the most memorable. A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein: With so many humorous sketches accompanying them, it makes sense that Shel Silverstein's poetry was some of the first many young people read on their own.


Some thought provoking poems for kids that have sparked interesting discussions here. Boy's writings are lyrical, yet seamless and real. Chesterton and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, I love poetry and would love to share that love with my kids. What fun, still dabbled in writing pleasing works suitable for the very young.

It also shares valuable life lessons. Poetry for Young People series. Where the Sidewalk Ends. That whole book is beautiful.


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