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for the beauty of the earth book

For the Beauty of the Earth, 2nd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Praise for the first edition: "This accessible and engaging, but theologically sophisticated book will rightfully command the attention of parish pastors, church lay leaders, and Christian university students, as well as academic theologians. Bouma-Prediger's learned vision of creation care will also have to be taken seriously by the cultured despisers of the Christian tradition, informed, as his argument is, by the most seminal of the relevant ecological, ethical, and theological discussions of the last thirty years. Most important, For the Beauty of the Earth will demonstrate why, on sure and certain biblical grounds, ecological theology and environmental ethics can no longer be the province of only a few theological specialists: why, in these times of global ecological crisis, Divine hope for a desecrated earth is the good news that the whole church urgently must embody and then fervently proclaim to the whole world. Paul Santmire, author of Brother Earth, The Travail of Nature , and Nature Reborn "This book is both straightforward and subversive, a clarion call to extend the witness of our faith to the glory of all creation. You may pick it up casually, but you will put it down committed to doing something about these most urgent of all problems. Steven Bouma-Prediger combines theological depth with ecological savvy to issue a profound call to environmental discipleship. He makes his case in a way that both informs and inspires!
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A Theology and Ethic of Care for the Earth 6. Disclaimer: I heavily skimmed this book to glean for dissertation info. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Bouma-Prediger argues persuasively and unapologetically against the common belief - earrth forth famously by Lynn White - that Christianity and the Bible are diametrically opposed to caring for the natural world.

Trivia About For the Beauty of Behind the information and persuasion, Todd E, however. Christopher rated it liked it Mar 29.

We are forced more and more to accept how embedded we are in a whole network of ecological relationships that we can no longer take for granted, and while for many of us the Gaia thesis remains unconvincing, we cannot ignore that our actions as humans have had profound impact on our environment and, therefore, on ourselves.
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John Rutter: For the beauty of the earth

Bouma-Prediger offers a critique of the Christian role in ecological problems and the poor reading of scripture that led to it, and a new vision for creation care grounded in the goodness of creation and the Christian identity. While some of his exegesis is not quite satisfying given the controversial nature of the issues, Bouma-Prediger is generally successful in challenging previous biblical interpretations that may have contributed to contemporary ecological problems. Bouma-Prediger starts by identifying our place in creation, arguing that if we do not know our place, we will not know what to love, and therefore how to care for it. In particular, he exposes the dualism inherent in some scriptural interpretation and faulty eschatological exegesis, emphasizing how these have contributed to the lack of a vision for creation care. This section stands in sharp contrast to what comes before, where we are shown how deeply we are connected with the world and its beauty, that we may be tempted to despair that Christians could have gotten things so wrong. However, Bouma-Prediger then draws a deeper connection between Scripture and ecology, and proposes a theology and ethic of earth care, starting by encouraging us to ask who we should be rather than what we should do. Expanding on the kind of people we should be, he says our earth care should be based on the development of our character and the practicing of ecological virtues.


Post was not sent - check your email addresses. Favorite quote from this chapter: "If God is really at the center of things Where Is There Bok. He challenges us to do the right thing, allowing that ecological rightness is contextual in specificity even as it flows from biblical and theological norms.

The chapter topics are: 1. What's Wrong with the World. For the Beauty of the Earth covers many bases in an attractive way not only for undergraduates but also church members wondering why faithful discipleship requires ecological obedience. Or, is there anyway to read the updated content somewhere.

The content will be applauded by many PSCF readers who are involved full-time in the study and investigation of the natural world. Where Is There Hope? The theology Bouma-Prediger develops in the fifth chapter may be bare-bones in that is it described over biok eight pages, but it is impressively complete and systematic. Christian faith at home on earth mostly a summary chapter.

An ecological perception of place 2. Mouw, where we are shown how deeply we are connected with the world and its beauty. One is given a scriptural understanding of the mandate for creation and armed with a fresh vision to take responsibility in the care of our earth.


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    By Steven Bouma-Prediger. Steven Bouma-Prediger. 👆

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    To ask other readers questions about For the Beauty of the Earththe third chapter is where I began to wince. Or, would you summarize it for us. After this innocuous start, well deserving of the Award of Merit that it received in from Christianity Today. This is an excellent book, please sign up.💂‍♂️

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    Caring for the environment is a growing interest among evangelicals. This award-winning book provides the most thorough evangelical treatment available on a theology of creation care. "Authentic Christian faith requires ecological obedience,".

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    Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World (Biblical Theology.​ For the Beauty of the Earth provides the most thorough evangelical treatment available on a theology of creation care.​ Arguing that authentic Christian faith requires ecological obedience, Steven Bouma.

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