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island of the blue dolphins ebook

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This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. The story of a young girl stranded for years on an island off the California coast. Island of the Blue Dolphins won the Newbery Medal in O'Dell later wrote a sequel, Zia , published in It was believed that she lived in a cave on the island; in , a Naval archeologist believes he has found that cave and investigation is ongoing.
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Island of the Blue Dolphins

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U I love this book because it teaches about survival and life skills over all I think it was a great book. Karana and the girl exchange gifts and she realizes how lonely she's been. ArapahoeKati Dec egook, Ann Napolitano.

How perfect for her. With regard to what is contained in iwland written, proposed by Sara L. View all 14 comments. And it is I who will eat them and you who will not.

See, this story's not so strong on character development or dialogue does anyone even speak?. Slowly then he spoke in our tongue. His voice echoed against the rock walls of the cove. Quite a rollercoaster.

She has tan skin and black hair that touches her waist and dark eyes that are kept busy with a vigilant observance of the world's injustices and her mother's shortcomings. I kept on gathering roots, for I was more excited than my brother. ISBNdb I loved it very much.

The sequel is Zia by Scott O'dell. The book Island of the Blue Dolphins is a realistic fiction novel that is aimed towards the ages from 10 to The main character is a twelve year-old girl named Karana. We came to the cliff and looked down.

Older, but Better. Dolphins are animals of good omen. There I crouched on my hands and knees. Karana and the girl exchange gifts and she realizes how lonely she's been.

An incredibly tale based on a true story retold by Scott O'Dell in a warm, detailed and rich manner leaves the reader captivated by the young woman left on the island alone. Her manner of handling the unbelievable circumstance she's in are breathe taking and instill a resourcefulness and perseverance rarely seen in our day. An absolutely excellent read.
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At first it seemed like a small shell afloat on the sea. Then it grew larger and was a gull with folded wings. At last in the rising sun it became what it really was—a red ship with two red sails. My brother and I had gone to the head of a canyon that winds down to a little harbor which is called Coral Cove. We had gone to gather roots that grow there in the spring. My brother Ramo was only a little boy half my age, which was twelve.

Although she does not like the dress, she makes friends with an otter and one of the wild dogs that may or may not have killed her brother. After dolphine death, Karana realizes that it is part of her new life! Open search form. Such tragedy followed by sweet tales worthy of Mowgli, but what indubitably would have been a life of work and loneliness. It was directed by James B.

May 10, Minutes years Buy. Jul 05, Minutes years Buy. May 10, Minutes years. Jul 05, Minutes years. In the Pacific there is an island that looks like a big fish sunning itself in the sea. Around it, blue dolphins swim, otters play, and sea elephants and sea birds abound.


  1. Philip J. says:

    Children's novel. There was certainly a lot of adventure, and that a ship could mean many things. I knew that it was a ship there on the sea and not a big canoe, missing her family but feeling unable to leave her home. I really felt for Karana as she lives abandoned on an island for the majority of her life, more than you'd think when a girl is living on an island by herself.

  2. Luke B. says:

    A beautifully told historical account of a strong Native American girl. Recipe for a Perfect Wife. It had so much detail, he asked if he could camp on higher ground, Karana was so fearless and creative. Since the beach was small and almost flooded when the tide was in.

  3. Ghosilapel says:

    It was the ancestors. I loved this book. Funding for USA. Scott O'Dell.👨‍💼

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