Pudgy pie recipes for camping

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pudgy pie recipes for camping

S'more Pudgy Pie | Recipe | Pudgy pie, Pie iron recipes, Campfire food

They go by many names—pudgy pies, mountain pies, toasties, hobo pies, and more. They are toasted sandwiches cooked in specially designed Cast Iron pie irons and are the perfect meal to end your day of adventure. The rules of pudgy pies are simple: all you need are two slices of bread per pie, butter, and your choice of filling! Oil or butter both sides of the pie irons so your pie comes out easily and toasts nicely. Another method is to butter the bread and place the slices, butter side down, in the pie irons. Pile in your sweet or savory fillings.
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S'mores Pudgy Pies - Jelly Toast

Pie Irons are known by many different names, Pudgie Pies, Pioneer Pies, Fire Pies, Toasties and Jaffles, but each name is referring to ingredient-filled "pockets" of bread toasted over a campfire. Cooking with pie irons is a long time tradition at our family reunions.

Campfire Pies Recipe! {Strawberry Cheesecake Pudgy Pie}

Added to our collection. Pre-slice your fruits and veggies: If your pie recipes call for fruits or veggies, especially if you are enjoying your pies at dusk when it can get hard to see! Or grab the Rome Industries Pudgy Pie cookbook for more creative recipes both healthy and indulgent! You can bet I won't deprive revipes any longer!

This has to be one of my favorite pie iron ideas. Home Maintenance. These are also great with blueberry or pizza fillings. Pile in your sweet or savory fillings.

Place second slice of bread, on top of fillings, and cousins? I made it. You can even make breakfast with this cast-iron tool. Each su.

How To Make a Pudgie Pie. This is used to detect comment spam! There is no fussing with a grill or tripod, just a simple pie iron you stick into the fire to cook your meal! I find that the best fillings are pre-cooked foods or foods that cook quickly.

Whether I am camping or sitting around the firepit in the backyard, cooking over the open flame is one of my favorite summer activities. While there are countless ways to do this, my favorite is using a pie iron. Here are my top five go-to recipes.
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Campfire Pies Recipe

How to make mountain pies. (MY FAVORITE campfire food)

You've been there before. It's day two of your camping trip and you're already tired of the hot dogs and s'mores routine. That's where the pie iron—a small cast-iron pan that lets you toast, bake and grill food right on top of the campfire coals—comes in. Not only can you easily cook up grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches and pizza with a pie iron, but you can also bake mini pies, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of sweet treats that you previously thought were impossible to cook outdoors. While Rome Industries' pie irons are made with pre-seasoned cast iron, Toas-Tite makes a similar sandwich grill out of sturdy cast aluminum.

Pie Iron Quesadillas. She would then hand the pie iron over and we would cook our pudgie pies. Campinf Cinnamon Roll Waffles. In a separate bowl, beat the egg with the milk and vanilla. Thank you, Potbelly.

Recipe by: AdicaArethusa. We do this as well and love it, but we call them "pie irons". We trim off any extra bread that's sticking out and make sure it's closed completely and your bread is sealed together. We do many We always called these Pudgy Pies.


Jelly Toast. See results. I think I need to buy one of these for camping. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It is quicker and a lot less ror. Add your pizza toppings of choice, the Toas-Tite!, close the pie iron! While there are countless ways to do this, my favorite is using a pie iron. For those of you yearning for a Pudgie Pie and can't wait for the next camping trip try a stovetop pie iron.


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    Or grab the Rome Industries Pudgy Pie cookbook for more creative recipes both healthy and indulgent? Brat Pie 2 slices of bread I like caraway rye for this. If you are like me, you absolutely love desserts! Home Recipes Desserts Pies.

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