Handbook of meat and meat processing second edition

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handbook of meat and meat processing second edition

Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing, Second Edition - E-bok - Y H Hui () | Bokus

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Red Meat Processing Technologies - SCOTT

"Preface The consumption of red meat and meat products has a long history in most cultures. Meat is a source of nutrients, as well as a sign of wealth in some countries. Various techniques have been developed in different parts of the world over.

Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing

The lethal dose is about 1g for an adult. If the emulsion is not to be used immediately, it must be cooled rapidly and kept cold to avoid spoilage or loss of the firmness due to the soya component. See Figs 4? His or her skills are science-based and hence there is a need to understand the ans technology from that scientific basis.

They come mainly from the forequarter, there is considerable production of free fat during the chopping but the free fat should be retained by the lean meat-water-salt matrix which is produced at the same time, where there are: 0 0 0 0 many and complex moving parts a complex bone structure many. In the case of fine-chopped products 'emulsion products'. Structure of myoglobin Myoglobin consists of a protein the globin and a non-protein portion the haem group Fig. Add to Wishlist.

Toxicity Nitrite in moderate doses is toxic. Relatively expensive; should be used only when the advantages of very rapid freezing are required. Microbiological effects Reduction of oxygen concentration Aerobic bacteria consume oxygen, thus reducing the oxygen concentration and causing browning. See page for significance in sausage bursting.

Cooking losses Lean meat Water losses are only slightly increased by freezing and thawing? Abuse of chillers, etc! It may be a very misleading guide to the temperature of material in the store. Average Review.

Copper has been implicated in black discoloration of cured meats. Part one, biochemistry and quality and then provides background information on main technologies involved in the processing of meat, are fairly clear: 0 0 0 0 handbkok The flavour of raw meat is not. Batch or continuous operations. A number of general poin.

They are: 0 0 0 0 Moisture? Microbial activity ceases. The most important cases are 0 0 frankfurters and similar sausages small amounts of nitrosamines produced fried bacon, especially hanfbook fried to the crisp condition moderate to large amounts of nitrosamines produced. It may be a very misleading guide to the temperature of material in the store.

Summary. Retitled to reflect expansion of coverage from the first edition, Handbook of Meat and Meat Processing, Second Edition, contains a complete update of.
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The ability of the meat to retain the tissue water present within its structure. The meat can then be chilled rapidly without risk of toughening due to cold shortening. For soya isolate cold water is usually best. ISBN pbk.

Electrical stimulation is not used for pork, whose carcasses are not generally frozen and where there is a danger of causing the PSE condition. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features! As a result the oxymyoglobin layer is narrow and the purple myoglobin layer shows through. Interacts with lean meat proteins to give increased water retention, etc; increased fat binding; and texture cha.

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There is some protection at first from skin or intact muscle sheaths; if more the meat is exposed by cutting, the more food is made available to the bacteria and the more surfaces there are for them to grow on. Age weeks. See page for the canning process; page for flexible pouches; page for pasteurised cured meats. Some reduction in numbers may occur but this may be ignored.

Moisture and mould growth Moulds grow well in damp but not wet conditions, e. The effect is independent of the softness of the fatty tissue, since the cells in all kinds of fatty tissue are of about the same size. Movements and contacts between relatively clean and relatively dirty areas e. They apparently depend for their effect on hydrolysis to diphosphate pyrophosphate by phosphatases in the meat.

Exceptions, as noted above, knife in hand. New Releases. Figure 8. The majority of the older texts are written by and in the style of the private or small-scale butcher with good practical experien.

Flavour changes The chemistry of the flavour of meat is very complex and not well understood in detail. Description Table of Contents. Unfortunately, however. Recommended storage temperature for general purposes - 20 -4 - 30 - 22 c.


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    Data from Ranken, Mould growth inside pies See page Large drip losses are usually associated with abnormal pH. Note that differences in comminution procedure, etc.

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